Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Masters in France

Wales could be congratulated on getting their first football team into the Premiership in the form of Swansea City yesterday. I don't know if it's a big deal with any Welsh people other than Swansea fans. (I only really know one Welsh guy, and he is from Swansea)

Well I had to start the post somehow, and now for continuity let me introduce Masters in France from Bangor, Wales. The first time I heard about them was their ridiculously catchy song Little Girl maybe some time last year even, but for some reason I never posted it on here. Well I'm here to right that wrong now. Sing along with me now: "We're burning up, we're burning up!"

As I never want to let this blog be super-lite and easy/quick to open on t'internet I might as well stick more videos on here, so here's the slightly heavier track Mad Hatter and its video that did its best to freak me out.

The boys have got a new single out now on itunes and the likes. Here's A.I (Artificial Inches)

A.I. (Artificial Inches) by mastersinfrance

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