Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pharaohs - Photosynthesis

If you're wondering what else to do today other than check out the new acts that have been added to Flow Festival's line up you could do worse than to listen to Pharaohs (not to be confused with Fair Ohs) and their up and coming album Photosynthesis. It's energetic and frantic and they're branding themselves mathpop, whatever that means, anyway the album's title track Photosynthesis is a stormer.

Perhaps even more in my mould however is the magical reworking of the track by Cats Hero which is sounding absolutely amazing!

Pharaohs - Photosynthesis (Cats Hero Remix) by Cats Hero

Listen to a preview of Pharaohs' Photosynthesis album on Soundcloud and download the title track at http://www.pharaohstheband.com

Be their first single as good as it is, they haven't yet gone and surpassed Fair Ohs as my favourite band that sound like the word Pharaohs, but then again that would take a lot of doing.

That's my little blog-break over and it's time to get back to what I do best:

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