Sunday, 29 May 2011


Elena Tonra who goes by the name Daughter has been getting a lot of coverage all over the internet and radio world and I think it's time she has the dubious honour and privilege of being on AndygoesdowntoChinatown which is obviously the place to be seen and heard.

Anyhoo, her new His Young Heart EP and especially its opening song Landfill are up there in my top-300 list of things that could make me weep like a little girl if only I wasn't so damn strong/tough/emotionally repressed.

Her earnest and hearfelt songs just give me the shudders whenever I hear them. Now either I keep listening to her in cold rooms or her acoustic folk tunes are actually affecting me in some kind of way (I once read in Mojo/Rolling Stone/Men's Health/Vanity Fair that good music might make you feel something. They were probably referring to Bon Jovi, but I reckon Daughter works better for me. A lot better.)

Daughter - Landfill (taken from the 'His Young Heart' EP) by ohDaughter

You can listen and buy the digital version on her bandcamp page

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