Monday, 30 May 2011

When Saints Go Machine

I'm writing this post for three reasons.


Denmark's When Saints Go Machine have got the best band name I've heard in something like forever. If you're wondering why and thinking "well he's easily pleased", it's because I think it's an excellent wordplay on When the Saints Go Marching In, the first song I ever had to learn on the recorder at school as a wee bairn. It still brings back loads of memories, not sure if they're good or bad ones though. My recorder version did use to sound shit.


Titled Scandinavia's very own Yeasayer (by me), When Saints Go Machine play a kind of artsy-fartsy brand of experimental pop which I'd imagine would appeal to fans of TV on the Radio and the above mentioned Yeasayer, but with that added Scandinavian feel to their music.

They're having a busy year, what with touring around Europe, releasing the Fail Forever EP in January and now they've got their full length album Konkylie out later this month on !K7.
These guys are set to have a huge year, and this is the video of their new single Add Ends.

This is also off the new Konkylie album
Kelly by When Saints Go Machine


The super prolific Nicolas Jaar has done an amazing remix for Fail Forever. Vibing somewhere out there in the dense post-dubstep jungle mixed with some haunting piano, strings and what seem to be calypso drums. Ace!

Download it here:
When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar remix) (mp3)

or here:


  1. have you checked out Yeasayer's newest track - Henrietta? Sounds similar for sure -

  2. True that. Haha I especially liked the bit where the girl was cutting in. Yeasayer should incorporate that bit into their recorded version!


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