Wednesday, 4 May 2011


The guys from Jewellers got in touch via Soundcloud and its, for me, still relatively complex mysterious system of following, sharing, liking, and messaging.
People who aren't following me are sharing stuff with me, but I can't share stuff with people I follow but have to message them about liking me. That isn't how it works, but then again I don't know how it works.
The good thing is that people still keep sending me stuff to listen to. As long as that happens, I'll love whatever social media it happens to happen through.

Anyway Jewellers make electronic music that's not too far from the chillwave-scene, or very far from various Boards Of Canada enthusiasts either. On their new album Sleep Education Jewellers make it clear they're more than comfortable in the murky depths of samples and loops.
Using guitars like Mount Kimbie, using mallets like Seams and using vocals that have got to be from some obscure 90's R&B tracks. All in all just making ace tunes.

Tape by Jewellers

Forward Life by Jewellers
Oh yeah about those R&B vocals... This one sounds more like it could be CocoRosie.

The best thing about Sleep Education is that it's a free download.

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