Monday, 23 May 2011

James Vincent McMorrow

I remember recently chatting to some people and they asked me "so what kind of music does James Vincent McMorrow play?" to which I replied "very lady-friendly singer-songwriter stuff".
A few weeks on and a load more listens to his album Early in the Morning and I'm still standing behind that comment, but it turns out that James Vincent McMorrow or Javi McMozzy as he's known everywhere (in my head) is also very Thomas-friendly singer-songwriter stuff.

In fact Early in the Morning is getting to be my almost-summer theme album, as well as my going-to-bed theme album and my waking-up-in-the-morning theme album.

So what if he's got a similar vocal texture to a certain other James (Morrison, or Jamoz)? The world needs chart-friendly guitar playing singing men, or women (Hey, I'm not here to discriminate) especially when their songs are so incredibly gorgeous as these ones are.


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  1. very sympathetic post! /mcmorrow-friendly lady


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