Saturday, 21 May 2011

End of the world stuff + Fixers - Crystals D/R/U/G/S remix

Before the world ends via rapture-time I wanted to share with you guys this little conspiracy theory I concocted in my head last night. As any normal person would/should be doing on a friday night I was putting together life's little pieces in true Tom Hanks style.

Here goes:

So you guys know football right? Some people call it soccer (but I don't call them people). And you know how they play it in England right? So let's look at the bottom of the Premiership table and the teams in danger of getting relegated:

West Ham

Notice anything? That's right 3 teams beginning with B and three teams beginning with W.
Stick 'em all together and they look like this B3W. OR if you were to twist the 3 you'd get BmW = BMW (like cars)

OMG! coincidence, I think not.

This can only mean either of two things. Either it's a sign that BMW are going bankrupt "getting relegated" or it's a sign that I should shut the hell up.

Thanks for your time. I'll get my coat.

Oh but before I go, I wanted to share the new D/R/U/G/S remix of Oxford's Fixers' song Crystals. I like to think that as I saw both acts at TGE last week, that they got together and did this remix for me. So, um, thanks guys.

Crystals (D R U G S remix) by Fixers.

This is what it used to sound like:

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