Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Flow Festival 2010

Ready, Steady, Go!... And they'rrrrrre outtt-ah!

They are of course the first confirmed names for Flow Festival 2010. If their "twits" are anything to believe.

Now because all of the other festivals in Finland have steadily released their line-ups during the last few months, Flow Festival's choice of releasing it's line-up in April has brought mass speculation about who/what/where? and also some impatience.

Everyone has their own favourite that they'd love to see in Helsinki come August.
Personally mine would be Four Tet, but alas that has as yet not happened.

What has happened is that Ulver and Major Lazer are set to play in Suvilahti.

Now whilst it's hard to hide my disappointment with these two names, mainly because of such high expectations, I've still got to draw some positives from this.

Ulver are a bit good. Perhaps like you'd expect Norwegians to sound, with all their black metal and stuff, just without all that much black metal. Very epic, majestic but oh so very dark.

Still I find them a slightly odd choice for Flow.

Major Lazer quite not-literally bored me to death recently, so I took all of it off our Irish pub's jukebox.

Good move if you ask most of our patrons
Bad move if you ask the entirity of our Jamaican customer base.

I have no doubt that Diplo and Switch will rock the fuck out of the party, but as an act that relies so heavily on featuring artists I can really only see it being a sweaty DJ-set. Oh well, DJ sets can be fun too.

Major Lazer probably will be a last resort for me in August, if nothing else is on at the same time.

The baby crying in auto-tune is quite funny though.


  1. I really tried to like Major Lazer, but it just never really happend for me.

  2. yeah I reckon I gave it a fair chance too. But no. Same thing happened with NASA.

  3. Your blog was recommended to me and jeez, iz goo-oo-ood ;D Thanks! Keep up the good work...

  4. Wow! hey thanks! Hopefully you can find something you like on here in the future too!

    Unless that was thinly veiled sarcasm... In that case: Aah damn.


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