Friday, 20 May 2011

Double Denim records

It was my birthday a while ago and so while I was down in Brighton last week, my top man J from Dangerdance popped down to join in the Great Escape festivities. Obviously he mainly came down to Brighton to drop off my b-day presents.

These were the incredibly sought after Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke collaboration 12" Ego/Mirror and a heap of ace 7" records from Double Denim Records.

In fact they're so ace I thought I'd stick them on here so you lot can get "down and groovy" with me.

Starslinger split with Hard Mix. One side soul-sampling instrumental (see yesterday), other side chillwave at its finest. Both sides brilliant.

DD003 A1: Star Slinger // Remedy by Double Denim Records

DD003 A1: Hard Mix // Eye Contact by Double Denim Records

I've gone on and on about Blackbird Blackbird on here, but in addition to his two songs Pure and So Sorry Girl there's the B-side by Paopao whom I'd never heard of.
Liberia is a pretty belting tune:

DD001 B1: PaoPao // Liberia (feat. Prizes) by Double Denim Records

Then I got Body Language's 7" of which B-side Social Studies is possibly one of the catchiest pop tunes I've heard in ages.

DD004 B1: Body Language // Social Studies by Double Denim Records

All these records are sold out so if you liked them, well unlucky.

But fear not!

Every now and then Double Denim are looking for help round the office. As payment you might get a stack of records. So if you're around the London area and fancy labouring for music you could do worse than follow them on Twitter and maybe be the first to hear about these kind of things. You could even be lucky enough to grab a copy of the up 'n' coming Christian AIDS 7". Not a bad thing IMO.

DD005 A1: Christian AIDS // Stay + by Double Denim Records

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