Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New blog: What's on Rotation

 Hey there ladies and gents. For those of you who were wondering what the hell has been going on at AndygoesdowntoChinatown for the past few months. For those of you who've been banging on the gates demanding to know why it's been so quiet on the blogging front, here's your answer. AndygoesdowntoChinatown is dead. It lived a good life and in true reincarnation style came back as an even more awesome site called What's on Rotation.

That's right; What's on Rotation. "Where all your dreams may come true".
Sure it'll have the same intense level of super-high quality writing that once called "funny".
Sure it'll have music that you might never want to hear, but are forced to listen to because you don't want to miss out on all the super-high quality writing that someone else once called "alright-ish" but all in all this is about YOU and ME baby, you and me. So let's head off on this journey together and don't stop believin'.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Late Night Bass Playlist (Spotify)

Instead of studying for up 'n coming exams I've been wanking about making the perfect playlist to cover all the emotions I want and expect to feel at roughly 3am when I'm off my tits "lost in the moment" at the coolest warehouse party in history.

I present to thee, Late Night Bass - The Playlist. Whether you're just in your living room and fancy a little euphoria or you're having an aces afterparty and you wanna well piss off your neighbours then this is pretty comprehensive. Just remember to crank up that bass.


Martyn - Twice As
Machinedrum - No Respect
Phaeleh & Soundmouse - Afterglow
Cloud Boat - Lions on the Beach
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow
Pariah - Orpheus
Throwing Snow - Un Vingt
Burial - Fostercare
Mosca - Done Me Wrong
Clubroot - Orbiting
Sepalcure - Fleur
Mount Kimbie - Serged
Floating Points - Danger
Kode 9 - 9 Samurai
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison remix)
Zomby - Natalia's Song
Theo Parrish - That Day
Motor City Drum Ensemble - Get Slapped Up
Space Dimension Controller - Transatlantic Landing Bay
Ramadanman - Tempest

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Temptation got the better of me

Having vowed to save up money for a little r&r trip to Mexico in the summer, going around spending all my money isn't exactly the best way to go about this task, but what can you really do when people keep waving shit like this in front of your face:

What is it? Well, nothing. Just a white label; but that crappy little picture represents something much, much more. 'Tis "only" the super-ultimate-incredible limited edition test pressing 12" of Bonobo's 'Kiara'.
If you're unfamiliar with Kiara, it's one of the finer tunes off Bonobo's very fine indeed 'Black Sands' album from a few years ago and it goes a little something like this

My shopaholism doesn't end there though. I thought I might as well, "while I'm here", preorder the new James Blake EP 'Love What Happened here'.
Like me, you might be pleased to hear the new EP, which is out on Belgian R&S Records, is a step away from the whiny albeit very good repetition of his LP and a step towards his previous releases such as 'CMYK' and 'Air & Lack Thereof' on R&S and Hemlock respectively. Good news, ya?

This is 'At Birth' off the new EP. Kind of reminds me of Caribou's 'Bowls'

  James Blake - At Birth by Le Conduit

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Rough Trade Shops Electronic 11

The good people over at Rough Trade put together this interesting collection of various electronic artists. The only thing really connecting the 22 tunes on this record is that at some point someone on every track has most probably whipped out a synth/midi keyboard/sampler and started pounding away. Other than that there's no real theme to the compilation if you don't count being awesome as a recurring theme. Slightly less recognisable names (Prurient, Marcus Schmickler?) effortlessly side by side with some more "bigger" (Flying Lotus, Hercules & Love Affair) names.

If you fancy hearing what "bleep-bleep music" of 2011 sounded like through the ears of the the big dogs over at Rough Trade then this is the album for you. So you could buy it of course or because I'm a bit of a loser with not a lot going on for me right now I put them all (well most of them as not all were on Spotify) together as a playlist which you can listen to here

Rough Trade Electronic 11

Friday, 13 January 2012

Mausi - Sol. (Track of the Day)

Just got this delightful little number sent over. 'Sol' by Anglo-Italian band Mausi is a cheerful ol' summery tune, kind of like a female-fronted Delorean. Maybe it's that stabbing house piano or all that "doop doop doop" -ing in the chorus which makes it so damn upbeat. One to brush away those winter cobwebs this is. Until the next time you look out the window that is..

Head over to for a free download of 'Sol'

  sol. by mausi

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bear Cavalry

Bear Cavalry's vocal parts bear an uncanny resemblance to Cajun Dance Party's but don't you dare let that put you off the Gosport four-piece and their new "Maple Trails" EP because you really shouldn't sleep on this.

They mix their melodic dance-pop with a just a tinge of tropical punk ending up with complex, exciting and not to mention super awesome results.
Head over to their Facebook page for free downloads and the likes.

  Roman Summer by Bear Cavalry
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