Friday, 6 May 2011

Fair Ohs - Everything Is Dancing

Oh super happy moments of joyous news.

My favourite band (there I said it) Fair Ohs are releasing an actual full length album! After having them down as the kind of band who are just up for releasing a onslaught of seemingly never-ending awesome 7"s they've started up their own record label Honey High Records to release their debut album Everything Is Dancing.

This is what it looks like:

And this is what the title track and its video sounds/looks like:
(Christian Bale gone anti-The Machinist)

Everything Is Dancing from Fair Ohs on Vimeo.

Fair Ohs and their blend of "tropical punk" are exactly the right band to get you bang on track for that perfect summer you've always wanted but never had because of rain/traffic jams/lost dogs/broken TV remotes/morning breath/scientology/Cristiano Ronaldo/bicycles with gears/Hugh Grant/mosquitos/alcohol poisoning/Andy Murray.

Everything Is Dancing ships June 6th and you can get it here:

If my little pitch wasn't enough then listen to these jangly motherflippers!

Hey Lizzy by fairohs

Almost Island (7" Version) by fairohs


  1. uu yeah babeh! vihaan ku cristiano pilaa mun kesän!

  2. 2006 & 2008 kesät menny täysin Ronaldon piikkiin. Paskiainen.


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