Monday, 21 February 2011

This Is Just A Hot-Pot of Stuff

Ok so as you might know Radiohead released their 8th studio album King of Limbs on Friday. Without a lot of time for the world to prepare for it (a week) a lot has been said about it during the last few days. A lot has also been said about the video for the song Lotus Flower, where Thom Yorke dances around in a rather erratic kind of way.

Well via the magic of the internet I've been able to show you what Thom Yorke's really dancing to in the Lotus Flower video.

Here check it out:
thanks to DiS for the link/idea.

Great moves Thom.

In other unrelated news Australia's Cut Copy who released their 3rd album Zonoscope a bit ago have a new video for song Need You Now. The video features athletes who are seemingly clueless as to what their own sport actually is. Much like Manchester United's squad against Crawley Town last Saturday then.

I feel it's also worth mentioning that I only just recently, for the first time, paid for mp3 formatted music. I know right, in this day and age, how can one listen to music without paying for mp3s? I've got to say that I much prefer owning physical copies of music or getting free mp3s from the bands themselves, but paying for internet megabyte material has always felt like I'm not really getting anything much for my money. Mind you when you pay on the internet it's not as if you ever see that money anyway.

I bought the amazing Seams' Tourist EP. One of my favourite EPs of last year, but as it's not available as a physical copy I just had to buy the mp3s. I'm seriously so looking forward to seeing this guy at The Great Escape festival in May.

Seams - Tourist EP on Spotify

Nachtmusik by seams


  1. Hyvästä maksoit :) Ja olis hienoo nähä livenä, mut tänne tuskin ihan heti tulossa.


  3. Jussi: No ei kyl varmaan ihan heti oo tänne tulossa. Sun pitää vaa lähteä messiin Great Escapelle.

    Dangerdance: The man's quite right. Can't believe I'd forgotten that scene.

  4. Great Escape näyttää aika hyvältä, mutta kun taivaasta ei sada lisää rahaa eikä aikaa niin meen vaan primaveraan.

  5. No ole sit tollane. Eihän sekään kyl kovin ikävältä näytä sekään lineuppi + et siel saattaa olla lämmintäkin.

  6. Lämpö on ehottomasti plussaa! :D


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