Thursday, 19 May 2011

Band of the day: Vanilla

Evoking the spirit of Dilla. Making sweet tasty hip-hop instrumentals in the vein of Madlib and more recently Starslinger comes Oxford, UK based producer Vanilla who has just recently released his new High Life LP.

It's 27 tracks of pure soul-sampling genius. No over-the-top added extras, just exactly what's needed to create those ultimate chill-vibes (I so desperately need after last weekend's depravity).

Now I've said before on here that my knowledge of Hip-Hop is miniscule. I probably know about as much about hip-hop culture as Muse probably know about the physics involved in an actual neutron star collision but I'm gonna go ahead and say that High Life is definitely something for fans of Dilla's Donuts.

So go ahead and download Vanilla's High Life LP for no money whatsover:
(Download link)

or if you need more convincing, listen to these:

Way We Were (From new beat tape 'High Life' available now!) by Vanilla

Closer (From new beat tape 'High Life' available now!) by Vanilla

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