Thursday, 6 October 2011

James Blake - Enough Thunder EP (stream)

Okay so I seem to be the advocate for everything James Blake but, hey, give me a break. The man has stolen my entire look, face, body and soul so the least I can do as a bit of payback is stalk his entire life.

You might remember a while back I posted 'Fall Creek Boys Choir' his collab with Justin Vernon aka. Bon Iver? Well that track was just a sample of the new James Blake EP titled 'Enough Thunder'.

Enough Thunder's released October 10th but the good people at Blakey HQ have decided that an online stream of the EP is the right way forward. True dat. It's ace.
Thing's even got a Joni Mitchell cover on it (A Case of You) which is basically just James and a piano making a hell of a lot of young women moist in the loins.

So here it is James: I'm still pissed off with you for completely cramping my style, but yet I do salute you for making an album of babe-friendly smooth tunes to accompany sweet tender love-making.

This is the stream. Dig it.


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  2. Argh, had to delete that one, I'll get back to this when I have the time to actually listen to it..


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