Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Daughter - The Wild Youth EP

Following on from her previous EP "His Young Heart" which has been immensly popular in my household this year, Daughter or Elena Tonra has another new set of 4 songs out called "The Wild Youth EP".

The Wild Youth songs are more heartwrenching folk songs with a productionally experimental edge which makes Daughter stand so tall above the plethora of acoustic guitar and vocal acts out there. Whilst often her voice alone is captivating enough, Elena can and does incorporate reverbed ghostly backing vocals, dark brooding synths and sometimes even beats we're more used to hearing with the likes of The XX into the mix to create a greater sense of gravity and loss.

On a lighter note, don't they look cute on that cover?


  1. confessaan mun hot love for daughter.. maagisen hyva!

    (on kylla entuudestaan tuttu mut 'hot love confessions' oli niin houkuttelevalta kuulostava nimi kommentille et oli pakko paasta antamaan omansa)


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