Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Atlantic At Pacific + New Four Tet

Sometimes you feel like you've come to the end of a once fruitful relationship. One that used to flourish due to everything being new fandangled and just plain sexy. You start looking at different things for excitement, but all of a sudden your slowly diminishing partner takes you out to the big belgian chocolate shop of love, and buys you a huge, fuck-off box of Guylians.

You know, Metaphorically speaking.

Atlantic At Pacific did this to me for chillwave. Me and chillwave have come a long way, you know. Well probably just as long a way as you have with it anyway. But it's kind of reaching the point where I don't want to hear laid-back beats and synths anymore. Tiresome and faux-summery is what they are. Something I can't deal with in -20°C.

What I want is glockenspiels damn it!

And glockenspiel I have. Courtesy of Atlantic At Pacific aka. Austin Wood and his track My Fault off of his new free EP Seasons.

My fault by Atlantic At Pacific

There's a lot of familiar elements to his tunes, but they're all put together to make one fine 11 minutes worth of music.

OOH! Other news.

Four Tet uploaded his new track to soundcloud. It's called pinnacles and it's mighty groovy. Half of a split vinyl, with the other half occupied by Daphni's (Daniel Snaith from Caribou) Ye Ye.
These will probably run out quite quickly (if Four Tet & Burial's collab is anything to go by) so keep your eyes and purses open.

Pinnacles by Four Tet

Daphni - Ye Ye by Caribouband


  1. mikä on sun ihanihanihan ykkösykkösbiisi ? mitä sä jaksat vaan kuunnella etkä tylsisty ikinä.

  2. Aikamoisen paha kysymys kyllä! Vaikea valita ihan vaan yks, koska monet biisit muistuttaa eri elämäntilanteista ja siten aiheuttavat vahvoja tuntemuksia, mut jokainen eri tavalla. Se et laittais ne johonkin järjestykseen on liian paha tehdä ellei mahdotonta.


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