Thursday, 1 April 2010

Small Black

Today I'm hungover.

That's my excuse for not having any exciting new releases for you.

I've only been awake for maybe an hour and I've already fallen for one april fools gag. How many more does this wretched day hold? phtyi. (that was me spitting like a bitter old man)

What I do have for you is some New York Glo-fi from Small Black

When I said I don't have any new exciting releases for you, I didn't mean that I didn't have anything for you. Small Black released their eponymous debut EP sometime back in October last year. And fair enough that's not exactly that long ago, but just long enough to not be breaking news anymore.

Small Black sound much like some of their Glo-fi/Chill-wave (Washed Out, Neon Indian etc.) contemporaries but with a darker streak. In fact the track 'Wierd Machines' lives up to it's name with it's positively deranged synths.

The "single" track is 'Despicable Dogs' and it's been hailed everywhere as Wow! Pitchfork reviewed it as best new music and that guy who says things in my head at night also said "Wow!"

Washed Out remixed 'Despicable Dogs' and it sounds roughly exactly like this:

'Bad Lover' has all the charm of Miike Snow on sedatives.
Sound awful? Well it's not.
So there.

You can listen to Small Black on:

and the EP is even available for purchase!

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