Friday, 9 April 2010

Lo - fi Friday: Slow Animal

Welcome back.

Today I've lived yet another sun-cycle. Wow I feel so old. I'm getting quite good at this ageing business. To celebrate myself, I'm writing about one of my favourite subjects yet again: Sun-drenched lo-fi bliss-pop.

The object of today's nonsensical writing is New Jersey duo: Slow Animal.

Yet again, not a lot of information is available on these two apart from (myspace):
They're called Alexander and Daniel
They possibly enjoy barbecueing.
They possibly enjoy jam sessions in cars.
They make raw-sounding awesomeness with shoutback dual-vocals and various ooh's and aah's.

They're giving away a four song EP away as a free download here. It's already on my mp3 player so why not yours too?

If downloading isn't your cup of tea, then here's a few videoclips.

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