Sunday, 25 April 2010

Avi Buffalo

Whooh! It's a beautiful day here in sunny Turku. Luckily TPS are playing ice hockey soon, so I don't have to be outside, but well.. inside doing the old selling beer to sports fans thing.

Luckily the perfect soundtrack to such a purty day has been provided by Subpop and Avi Buffalo.

Avi Buffalo is a name that's "been going around the scene" for a while now, but they're finally getting a release soon. Very soon. In fact 27.4.10. The day after tomorrow.

Subpop are streaming the entire album online, until its release date, so now's the time to put your ears on and listen up.

EDIT: The albums out now, so forget the streaming 'cos that baby's down.
So get your purse out and buy it instead

Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo by subpop

I really like the way Avigdor's aka Avi's voice sounds rather similar to MGMT's Andrew's at it's rawest.

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