Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Good Natured

Oh wonderous wonderous!

Shit, if the days here keep getting any nicer, I'll be forced to venture outside and brave the sunshine. That day'll be a sad one for those who witness my pasty stick-insect legs. Whilst I'm not outside enjoying the almost-heat, I might as well do what I don't do best. That is update this here blog-er-mejiggy.

Now then. When I was a kid growing up in a really harsh part of industrial England, my parents would force me to box. Having a champion boxer as a son must have been such a dream for them, because when I told them that my dream was to be a ballet dancer they weren't having any of it and called me all sorts of names that I'd have to censor to put on this internet blog written for children and families.

My only escape from this hell was to create intricate choreographys whilst growing up and learning to become a man at the same time. The only help on offer for this was obviously the French record label Kitsune. Kitsune taught me to dance. Kitsune and it's compilations taught me how to be a man, and stick up for myself using dance.

Now those days are history and I live in Finland and work in a mineshaft, just like all my family before me. When I heard that Kitsune were bringing out their ninth compilation album, I shed a tear. A tear of joy. Happy that Kitsune didn't give up their dream of releasing electronic compilations just because I gave up my dream of dancing.

Now I recognised the name The Good Natured from somewhere, and I'll be damned if it wasn't my own blood who wrote about it aeons ago.

We're living in a world with all sorts of La Rouxs, Little Boots, Marina & the Diamonds and Ellie Gouldings. So I was perhaps slightly hesitant about The Good Natured and more synth-princesses. But then I heard Your Body is a Machine and it was positively ace.

But what obviously rocked my socks was that the tune on Kitsune 9 was the Zebra & Snake remix of Your body is a Machine. It's good to see this Finnish duo getting international recognition.

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