Saturday, 10 April 2010

Darwin Deez


I'm a happy bunny after such a great b-day.

In a nutshell, what I can do with my presents is wait for Owen Pallett by playing the melodica. When I run out of breath I can just kick the shite out of Lucifer. Ace.

What I did today:
-Had an ice-cream.
-Went for a quaint walk along the river basking in the sun.
-Listened to Darwin Deez's new album
-played the melodica
-kicked the shite out of Lucifer
-waited for Owen Pallett

But this blog isn't about ice-cream (a twister btw.), walking nor the 9 circles of hell. It's supposed to be about musiqué, so I'll try my best to soldier on.

Darwin Deez released the awesome 'Constellations' single a while ago, but the only problem with Constellations was that as it was a single it only had two tracks on it.

Now tomorrow they come out with they're eponymous full length and boy oh boy is it nice. Mostly uplifting cheery tunes, but sometimes with a gruffer side to things (Lights On), sort of like a bouncier Strokes.

It sounds very "now!". Goodgood. Bye bye

Don't let the title fool you, this is indeed Darwin Deez 'Bad Day'


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