Friday, 30 April 2010

Hazey Jane

It's Vappu, I'm feeling rather poorly and I've got to go to work later. I hate these days.

Before I go and serve beer to anyone, I must share some of Hazey Jane's lovely chillaxed vibes with you's.

Hazey Jane (not his real name) is a guy from Belgium who dabbles in the mysterious art of sample-based, lo-fi pop music. I'm guessing from the name 'Hazey Jane' that he's a bit of a Nick Drake fan and guessing from the title and samples of the track 'Mclovin' that he's also seen superbad at least the once. Other than those "facts" what else do you need to know?

Just listen to 'Tail'. As it had me hooked with it's distorted drums and sample of who knows what

Hazey Jane - Tail

and here's a video for 'Twinky Twinkle lil' Star'.
It's quite cool.

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