Wednesday, 21 April 2010


After my "all inclusive" festival update package I can get back to doing what I enjoy doing on any given day: Listening to and sharing great sounding music with obscure names you may or may not have ever heard of.

Today's post is about something/someone who sounds so lo-fi it's ridiculous, but also incredibly soulful. I'm talking about Tom Helgerson's project 'Shahs'

As a one man project, Shahs songs almost all consist of the same elements: Layered, beatboxed, reverbed beats, echoed, like I said almost soulful, vocals with just a cheeky bit of synth thrown in the mix.

The beats may seem repetetive after 6 minutes, but there's so much atmosphere to the songs that they're a lot more hypnotic than dull. Tom Helgerson even seems like a very decent singer and this shines through all of the effects.

While there are a few EP's available as free downloads, I'm most definitely waiting for the full length to get a release.

Here's the links for the downloads.
'Divine Interest'

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