Monday, 12 April 2010


Most of the time sifting through my e-mails is a labouring and ultimately unrewarding task of "deleting" viagra order forms and contemplating whether to send my amounted wealths to "Mr. Okereke" in exchange for even more amounted wealth once Mr. Okereke gets his hands on all that oil he's been sitting on for years.

Sometimes though, it's refreshing to see that someone doesn't want to make my penis larger and more effective or make me a rich bastard. Sometimes someone just has a bit of music that is a bit good.

Like Ravenous.

Ravenous got in touch and sent me some of their songs. A few of which I thought i'd share with you. Just because unselfishness is a virtue.

These boys are from Silver Spring in that big America place, which apparently is near Baltimore, where the geezerest geezer aka. Stringer Bell used to live

Anyway. I really like their song 'Saltwater Taffy (The Dock)'. Check it out. For some crazy reason it really reminds me of 'Tranquilize' from The Killer's collaboration with Lou Reed

Saltwater Taffy (The Dock) mp3

Here's another fine tune

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