Friday, 23 April 2010

Hey, hi! How's it going?

As I've lived in this here country of Finland for the past over half of my life, I've obviously grown accustomed to the finnish way of life.

But like I've written on here before, the majority of finnish music that gets released out here is a bunch of toss. And the finnish music that'll get a release somewhere overseas is also generally just something that doesn't float my boat in any kind of way.

It's not all bad though.

Wednesday was supposed to be day I went to see the triple-bill of Kiki Pau, Astrid Swan and Tuulia at Klubi.
Astrid I've seen many a time and usually I thoroughly enjoy it.
Kiki Pau have just released their new 'White Mountain' album which is rather decent, but I've never seen them live so I was quite looking forward to it.
Tuulia just seems an interesting prospect. Playing acoustic Tool covers in Finnish.

You know how bands never start playing when their alloted slot is said to start, let alone before 8.30. Shit, this time we got there at about ooh say 10.30 and managed to catch a glimpse of Kiki Pau's last song's last note. Apparently it was advertised everywhere to start at 8, but who the hell looks at ads? Oh the frustration.
Well then in our frustration we settled for a game of Scrabble.
I lost to a 90-point word (Asetyyli = Acetic). Bastard.


One of my fave Finnish/French bands The Dø have braved the Atlantic in search of recognition over in America. 'A Mouthful' got a release earlier this month on Six Degree Records. Those American took their time. A mouthful has been out in Europe for two years now. Well it definitely hasn't aged in two years and still sounds fresh as hell.

I've even got their song 'At Last' for you to have. Goodie goodie. All the best to The Dø in their overseas excursions!

The Dø - At Last

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