Monday, 5 April 2010

Forest Fire


Good Easter?

I've been slightly quiet on the typing-internet-words front recently due to working like a real person does. It would seem that Jesus dying and undying and stuff is a good excuse for most people to get absolutely hammered. That's ok though, from now on you can call me grandpa Moneybags.

I've latched on to my newest favourite thing like a dog would latch on to your leg and do it's magic. My newest favourite thing are Brooklyn band Forest Fire.

Possibly not new to you, but I just came across these lot and their folky wonder a while ago. Yeah yeah yeah Forest Fire released their album 'Survival' early last year, I know it's old news. I hear cries of: "What next you old fogey? You just heard of some guy called Eric Clapton?"


You've got to love singer Mark Thresher's way to make his slurred vocals, which sound as though he's constantly going to miss-hit his notes badly, sound so personal and, well basically, good. Not surprisingly 'Survival' was picked as one of Rough Trade's top albums of 2009

But what really hooked me was 'Fortune Teller' with it's pounding beat, "face-melting gatling-gun social skills" and one hell of a bitchin' bassline.

Not really much like the rest of 'Survival' where things are brought down quite a lot until "it gets brought back up" on closing song 'Slow Motion'

Forest Fire on Spotify

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