Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Three Trapped Tigers

Here's a band I've wanted to write about for ages. I only just remembered Three Trapped Tigers again because I found a second hand copy of Fuck Buttons' debut album 'Street Horrrsing'. There was this time where I used to listen to Three Trapped Tigers's first EP a lot, and that was about the same time as I found Fuck Buttons.

Now I don't know where this love of instrumental post-rock comes from, because I know no-one else in my family is too fond of it, but I'm damn happy it's there. If you want to know what my idea of "I Love You" might sound if said without words just listen to Russian Circles' 'Melee'

Whereas Russian Circles have a more heavier metal approach to their music, Three Trapped Tigers certainly don't shy away from that side of things. Ultimately TTT sound astonishingly intricate at the same time as being just plain wonderful.

Anyway TTT have a new EP coming out next month. A great thing about TTT is that you'll never forget what order their EP's came out as they've got an ingenious naming system going on.

EP 1 (Tracks 1 - 5)
EP 2 (Tracks 6 - 9)
EP 3 (Tracks 10 - 13)

Here's a song from each EP

And for all of you who aren't "OI ENOUGH OF THIS BOLLOCKS WHERE'S THE FOOKIN SINGING?" here's another of my faves Cougar just to warm your/my heart. Awwww.

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