Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Girls Names

Girls Names may be the hottest thing to jump out of Northern Ireland since well erm.. Snow Patrol. They're about to release their 'You Should Know Me By Now' 12" on one of my favourite labels: Tough Love.

Hot damn, listen to them jangle.

Girls Names - When You Cry (Ad Hoc Version) from CASS/FLICK on Vimeo.

And because videos were yet again hard to come by, here's an mp3 stream of 'Graveyard'


Everyone I know is fed up of my Flow Festival speculation, but here's a gig related update that's nothing to do with Flow:

Ganglians are going to play two gigs in Finland in June.

14.6.2010 Semifinal, Helsinki
15.6.2010 Dynamo, Turku


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