Sunday, 11 April 2010


I've written about The XX and their remixes before, but I stumbled across another one recently. That is the one they've done of Glasser's 'Tremel'. It can be found on the Tremel single, released by Young Turks

Today's not about The XX though.

Do you ever lay awake at night wondering what it would sound like if Hermione Granger got into making musical synth-magic instead of playing magical baby-making with Ron Weasley?

Possibly not that often but there's something positively magical about Glasser's music making that could offer the answer to this predicament. (Not the laying awake at night predicament, but the Hermione & not-babies predicament)

Tremel follows up last years 'Apply' EP and it's title track which is slightly brilliant in all of it's tribal beating.

New single Tremel focuses less on rythm and more on creating an unnerving atmosphere using a pulsating backing and "ethereal" vocals. Quite impressive.

Oooh! With the Delorean record 'Subiza' coming out shortly, here's a remix they've done of Glasser's 'Glad'

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