Monday, 19 April 2010

The Pop Winds

How often does it happen that you listen to "modern music" that incorporates saxophones, and you think: "Hey that sounds good"?

For me this thing happening is generally a no-no. I guess this stems from back at school when the teacher desperately tried to make us "get" Miles Davis and his damned fusion-jazz.

Montreal three-piece The Pop Winds are less no-no and more downright astonishing. They have my Miles Davis comparisons flying right out of the window and I'm just sat here appreciating the audacious approach to not being one of those guitar-bass-drums bands. In fact I salute them for having me absolutely captivated.

They've put up their EP 'Understory' up for a free download here and I highly recommend you give it a listen. The 6 songs vary in intensity but still mostly have the same driving thumping backbone pounding away, whilst everything else (saxophone included) is layered on top of that.

Here, listen to 'Elgin Stream' if you don't believe me.

Understory however is like "so 2009" and as to be on the ball and shit The Pop Winds have released a full length album 'The Turquoise' on Arbutus Records available on CD AND again a free download

Here's 'Feel it' off of The Turquoise. And yet again it is quality. (Video gets a bit rubbish after about 5 minutes)

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