Thursday, 8 April 2010

So So Modern

Yet again I bid thy good morn.

This morning was supposed to be about me going to school, learning everything about physical chemistry, coming back from school and feeling like a genius.

What actually happened was that, fair enough I woke up, but then I started listening to So So Modern.

So So Modern are a bunch of kiwi's who make "math-rock" via precise percussion and hypnotic riffs in the same style as say Foals or Battles. Sometimes throwing in some "post-hardcore" elements in the same style of say, Les Savy Fav. That sounds like they've got a winning ticket.

Even though their debut album 'Crude Futures' was only released in February, it has been racking up lots and lots of listens and fans. Me included.

Crude Futures on Spotify

'Berlin' is a slow burner and I guess a step in a new direction for So So Modern, but it sounds awesome in all of it's over 6 min glory. I really wanted a higher quality video on here for Berlin, but this will have to do. And I do like the description for the video: Rare footage of 1980's Ukrainian super-group So So Modern playing in the staff swimming pool at Chernobyl. Dated 25/04/86

Here's their official video for 'The Worst Is Yet To Come'

And here's a video that really did make me smile and all happy and shit when the synths really did kick in: 'Synthgasm'

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