Monday, 26 April 2010

The CQ

- Do you remember when you were young?
- What were you mainly doing when you were 16?
- Does Elton John still remember when rock was young? Back when him and suzie were having so much fun.

- I remember when I was young. I mean I'm not exactly mega-old yet but my days of 16-year old glory are way past me and it pains me to hear that the boys of The CQ are just that: 16 years old.

- When I was sixteen, I was probably still a warhammer collecting social reject, who most definitely was not making music that anyone with ears would enjoy = it pains me that I enjoy The CQ's reverb pop. Although three demos is all i've heard of them, I'm sure these boys are not fresh out of ideas and will continue to please old men like me in the future.

So here's what they've got:

<a href="">where are you by the cq</a>

<a href="">without you by the cq</a>

<a href="">wait and see by the cq</a>

A bit heavy on the "songs starting with W" bit, but maybe that's the theme for the hopefully up-and-coming EP/any release.

- Ah, as for Elton remembering?
- Well I'm pretty sure the man's still got those memories

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