Sunday, 2 May 2010

Flying Lotus: Cosmogramma

One of my main regrets of last year, was missing Flying Lotus' set at Flow Festival. From what I've heard, it was something quite astonishing. Like his 2008 record Los Angeles is also something quite astonishing.

Los Angeles on Spotify

Now the man has been working on his "space-opera" called Cosmogramma. Cosmogramma is released on tuesday, but as it leaked, he has been streaming the whole album on his myspace.

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

Flying Lotus' new offering is as eclectic and genre-spanning as Howard Moon in his prime, with the only certainty being phenomenal beats. There are notes here of free jazz, p-funk, dramatic orchestrations and even Thom Yorke. If that wasn't enough to have my ear. Lotus-man also used a sampled ping-pong ball's sound as a rythm track on Table Tennis. This album is huge. In a good way.

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