Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday night is identity theft night.


It's wednesday! Whooh! What's so special you say? Well it's the only day that starts with a W!! Whooh!

Yo anyone here like Corinne Bailey Rae?

Yo anyone here remember Corinne Bailey Rae?

Well I've got a feeling that if all goes according to 'THE MANS' big plan then this girl is gonna be big this year.

It's cute and nice isn't it? But I'm sure I've heard this before..

So instead of "girl put your records on" it's more like "girl put your rollerblades on"

Yo anyone here like Lily Allen?

Yo anyone here remember Lily Allen?

Check this one out...

Also nice, but very familiar.

Next time you hear Lily, Corinne or Feist on the radio you have been warned! It might actually be Eliza baby.

I brought this up because of the xx.

By now everyone has heard their interpretation of Florence + the Machines or Candi Statons (take your pick) 'You Got the Love' right?

Well they've been busy doing other sexy remixes and because I still don't know how to use blogspot properly I'm just gonna link their remix of Eliza Doolittle - Money Box
Cheers music like dirt for that one!

Another one I'm rather fond of is the remix for Jack Penates' Pull My Heart Away.
It's nicely dark and broody = xx

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