Friday, 5 November 2010

James Blake

Whoever said dubstep is dying has obviously not told James Blake.

Not only does he perform live vocals for the awesome Mount Kimbie but he's released four of his own EPs and I guess they were all from this year. So he's a bit of a busy bastard, but one who posesses such a talent to produce such infectious tunes that when appropriately applied would have your entire body reverberating.

"Boom-boom-dance-dance" isn't what these songs are. Especially on the new Klavierwerke EP, which features a more stripped down sound. Oftentimes delayed piano playing a large part, whereas the sub-bass and rythmics only build up later on.

OH and his cover of Feist's Limit To Your Love is quite possibly THE best cover song I've heard in ages/ever. Holy moly, hold on to your hats people!


  1. i think his eps are good but limit to your love is just exceptional, especially the bass. so much better than the original!

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I hear Feist's making a comeback though, so maybe she's realised the importance of face-melting bass.

    Speaking of faces, cool blog name you've got there. There must be some insane birds-meet-face-meets-porridge story behind that?

  3. i'm not really a fan of hers anyway but cranking up the bass certainly wouldn't hurt!

    hahah nothing so interesting i'm afraid, just a slightly modified quote from invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk :--D i used to be a big fan of his a couple of years go and it just stuck with me. in hindsight it's not really the most suitable buuut bahf works well enough


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