Wednesday, 16 June 2010

brief return

Shit. Where have I been lately?

Well obviously not on Blogger would be the correct answer. I've mainly been doing all the same stuff as I normally do (ie. hating reggae), but for some reason updating the blog hasn't been happening much of late. My sincere apologies are offered here. Anyways I'm back now. For at least a tiny bit so let's get on with it.

My apologies for not having much to write about here. No obscure bands you might never have heard of this time as I've been too damn busy reabsorbing older releases and also checking out some ace bigger releases from bands you probably HAVE heard of.

By these releases I mean Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti's more than brilliant Before Today. Now when Round And Round came out as a single, it was a must get for purely two reasons.

1)It IS fecking awesome
2)It's got the coolest, most disturbing cover art you might ever see.
When I showed it to my mum she said she'd always known I was a freak.
Oh come on mum! I'm hardly a freak for finding bestiality a fine album art concept.
Especially in this day and age when zoophilia seems to be the norm. Everyone goes around town with animals as lovers.

Freaks. (The art for the back of the single is just as great if not greater than the front.) (hint: instead of a man and a dog. It's a woman and a cat)

Anyway, there is more to Before Today than Round and Round. In fact there is a whole lot more. What I'm thinking of is a neo-soul Beatles who really enjoyed the Beverly Hills Cop movies whilst working at a circus. No hang on. That's a stupid description.
I can't can't be arsed with descriptions. If you want one, do it yourself.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today on spotify

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti on Myspace

another stonker is Thieves Like Us' tight little package Again And Again.
Thieves Like Us make music that I like to call "Electronic Dance Music". I think I've penned a new term there, so if you want to use it you can ask my permission. In comparison to other "electronic dance music" makers Thieves Like Us are rather downtempo. Their secret lair is in France so obviously some French/thereabouts comparisons are in place here.



At the end of the day, who cares if it sounds a tad similar?
If you do, then you can always imagine that you are listening to the new Phoenix/Digitalism album.

Thieves Like Us - Again And Again on Spotify
Thieves Like Us on Myspace

There we have it. My (welcome) return.
I'll be back whenever with a slightly more obscure release.
Thanks for having me.


  1. You know I've been dazzled by the Ariel Pink record for the past week or so. I never thought I'd enjoy it this much after first hearing Round and Round. But I may've fallen in love with Before Today. It's def one of the albums of the year. To me it sounds like someone had eaten a coursebook on popular music and then vomited it into new, musical form. Or something of that nature.

  2. 'doing all the same stuff as I normally do (ie. hating reggae)'

    I just imagine you sitting in your living room looking angry and frustrated, occasionally letting out a shout.

    Is this what happens?

  3. Juhani: Yeah man I know. If we're going to make top-whatever lists at the end of the year, it will be up there. Also vomiting music is always well cool. Apart from Marina & the Diamonds who sounds like she's forgot the music and is just vomiting.

    "Diego": Nah. I was washing the dishes to one of Kelly's "African Reggae Masterclass" compilations. I took out my frustration on those dishes. I made those motherbitches shine like Patrick Stewart's head.


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