Friday, 8 October 2010

A track of niceness for your friday entertainment

Hi there. Today is yet again friday. Yesterday was thursday. Yesterday thursday was also superday. At least down at the cinéplaza. Superday means it's dead cheap to see a movie. Possibly even cheaper than downloading it illegally. Cheapity cheap.

I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. 7 badass dudes and it was erm badass. It had me in a continuous giggling fit for the whole whatever time it lasted. Honestly, I felt sorry for everyone behind me (literally everyone. Front row tickets, baby) for having to hear me snorting like a pig, wheezing like a dying asthmatic and squealing like a bi*ch for 2 hours. So yeah sorry. Apology accepted?


Down to business.

Got blasted with this strip-club-banger this morning from here or here and holymoly if it hasn't been playing on repeat (read: more than once) since.

Eating Paper With Butter - Moomoo

Check it out. It's also badass

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