Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mon Khmer

If the lovely people at Hi-Scores Recording Library keep sending their latest awesome releases at me at this quality and this rate I think I'll have to start paying them something soon.

But whilst it's all done hush hush, I think I'll just be happy with the way things are.

Mon Khmer's new EP Birthplace is raising all the right questions.

That is if what does Mon Khmer even mean is the right question?

(From their tumblr page)

Mon Khmer:
Pronounced mohn-kmair
1. A group of Austroasiatic languages

Anyway these fellas certainly can string together a few cracking indie guitar tunes.
In fact, I was quite surprised they weren't from olde Blighty with tunes like Anniversary getting a bit britpoppy in your face.

It's not all the same throughout. Britpop flies out the window when talking about the title track, which inadvertedly reminds me of Husky Rescue's Country Falls (only because of the slide guitar).

Birthplace is a quality EP from a band that actually play real intruments. (What's up with that, I mean it IS 2010)

Mon Khmer are playing gigs with all sorts of other household/less household names (Kisses, Baths, Yuck, Dominant Legs) so I guess my approval is hardly neccessary, but there you are guys anyway. You have it.

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