Sunday, 31 October 2010

Battle of the Bands @ The Castle

This past weekend saw the start of The Castle Irish Bar's very own "battle of the bands competition". This weekends bands ranged from lairy punk to incomprehensible metal. But as of yet there hasn't been any dubstep.

Seeing as I'm behind the bar all the time concentrating on "pouring the perfect Guinness" I haven't had that good a chance to listen to the acts we've had so far. But next weekend it's all happening again with bands like Despair Academy who are known to be good at winning this sort of contest and Tank who are so fresh and new that they might not even have any songs yet.

It's 2€ to get in Friday and Saturday and I'll be waiting to fulfill all of your alcoholic/non-alcoholic fantasies. This is one you probably could miss, but you know some of these acts are the type that you might never see otherwise. Either through them being absolute shit or just that you'd never hit upon them out in the cold bleakness of Turku

Right. That was the prep. Now I'll either see you there or I won't. Either way, I still get paid.

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