Thursday, 14 October 2010

The/A breakup

Breakups are usually always reaction-provoking. Even when it happens to someone you don't really even know. If someone's telling you that x has broken up with y and you couldn't really be too fussed about it, you still try to feign a reaction. Sometimes however you genuinely do care. During the last couple of weeks a few people I know and a few more people I don't know have gone through the whole break-up process leading me to the conclusion that the time of summer flings must now-a-bouts be officially over. If it were just summer flings that were ending now, it would be all fine (in a way), but there's also doing it that have been together for pretty much forever. Is that the way we work as social individuals? Winter comes 'a knocking and everyone gets the urge to start a solo-hibernation?

If you couldn't be arsed reading that long a text then I handily rustled up an awesome painting of the above paragraph for your convenience.

You're welcome

The same applies to bands and music and the likes. You can get attached to a band or a genre, and when the band breaks up/ genre fizzes out, it can be like coming out of a meaningful relationship the hard way. One you'll never have back. At least not in the same kind of way.

I had high hopes for Reina Del Camino. I had dreams for them. But they went and cruched all my hopes and dreams. Now all I can say is RIP RDC. May you fovever rock on in our (my) memories.


  1. that first pragraph bummed me out pretty hard, man.

  2. Sorry. Was not my intention to bum you. Or bum anyone. Bumming's not really my thing. Well not online bumming anyway.


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