Monday, 4 October 2010

Calories - Basic Nature

I'm not sure whether I love or hate this album. Some of the 15 tracks on it are the coolest sounding punkey ones I've heard this year, but some of the tracks try to do me an Incubus/Snow Patrol-esque kick-in-the-balls. My memory is telling me that I'm not overly fond of being kicked in the balls.


I've still been listening to it quite a bit and that, if anything, should say that it's a bit of alright. AND it's out on Tough Love Records, which is rapidly becoming my favourite outlet of great new musiqué, and means it's got to be awesome.

Oh yeah if you're terrible at retrieving information from pictures (for example the one above) or titles of posts I should probably specify that I'm talking about Calories' Basic Nature album

You too can listen to it here (website) or here (spotify) or bits of it here:

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