Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Total Warr

You know when music has a distict sound to it? A sound that you recognize from somewhere, but aren't quite sure where from.

Yeah well that's not the case with the French/Brooklynite fellas who form Total Warr.

I'm pretty sure I know where I recognize the sounds, going around on their new Cascades EP, from, but please do correct me if I'm completely off the ball.

Cascades sounds like a couple of guys picked up a VSS-30 from somewhere and decided to make their own, "vintage"-synth using Animal Collective, pop tunes.

Rather well too.

Cascades is four songs of musical avant-pop with sometimes clever, sometimes just silly vocal parts and enough bass to make me a "happy bunny" and make my neighbours not erm... happy bunnies. Speaking of happy, the whole EP has quite the cheery, jovial feel to it which is amusing as the lyrics seemed to be a lot about hating someone. Contradictions in music are great no?

You's can listen/buy it from Hi Scores Recording's bandcamp page

<a href="">Cascades EP by Hi-Scores Recording Library</a>

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