Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Aaron & The Sea

I had one of these guys' tracks in one of my mixtapes ages ago, but never got round to writing an actual post about them. Despite this lazyness of mine Aaron & The Sea are doing to me what Justin Timberlake was doing to teenage girls back in t'day.

No hang on. Not JT, but more like the Maroon 5 of the now. How does that sound?

When I read it myself it sounds appalling. Truth is though, it ain't. Lead singer Aaron seems to have a knack for some pretty inspired vocals where the band lay out different vibes. Chilled, soulful, four-to-the-floor. Hot stuff (good) but there's probs always going to be "mainstream M5-esque" comparisons (maybe bad?)

Hell, however unhip these guys might be deemed by "the elite" they'll definitely have a place in the annals of er.. my ipod.

Pick up the Seconds and Shapes album as well as new single Return of the Nothing from here.

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