Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday funday

I always used to laugh at Linkin Park because all their songs followed pretty much the same pattern and sounded pretty much exactly the same. I used to laugh at people comparing all their albums and bitching about which one's the the shit and which one's plain shit, when they're all in fact exactly the same. I used to laugh at people who said 'LP' were torchbearers for creating this insane style combining rap and guitars and singing/shouting. I used to laugh at people who forced me to listen to LP in order to "see the big picture".

Just a bit a go, I was in the presence of a tv. Quite the rare commodity where I live. I turned on MTV. You know, hoping to catch a glimpse of some super sweet 16 year olds getting MADE whilst having their rooms raided back at Jersey Shore.

MADE. I love MADE. Ugly people who want to be made pretty is a genius concept. Something Mr. Walt Disney already knew back in the middle ages.

MADE wasn't on. MTV were showing random music videos for some reason. I was well gutted. I wanted to watch some jackass Paris Hilton's new BFF get punk'd in the Hills.

Linkin Park's "amazing" video for their "amazing" new song Waiting for the End came on and I was taken aback. Shit, I was breathless. Have LP done this to stop me laughing at them?

According to Wikipedia, LP once released an album called Hybrid Theory. Seems they've developed a new "hybrid theory". Some kind of Turin Brakes/Fun Lovin' Criminals cross-breed.

The Turin Brakes song I wanted to 'embed' on here had disabled its embed function. Probably don't want to be associated with LP.
It was Painkiller.

It is better than this: (but hats of to LP for doing something a bit different)

That's enough from me now.

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