Saturday, 23 October 2010

A pick of two up 'n' coming gigs

This post is quite irrelevant if you feel you're not going to be in the vicinity of Turku on these specific dates: 30.10 or 9.12.

First up we've got the very very lovely Anna von Hausswolff playing Dynamo on the Saturday 30.10

Her Singing From the Grave album is probably one of my album picks of the year. Hugely emotive piano-led tracks reminiscent of Kate Bush or White Chalk era PJ Harvey. The only problematic thing about her gig is that it's on a Saturday and I for one can't get Saturdays off work. So I guess I'm gonna have to miss the Swedish songstress, but don't you make the same mistake as me!

next up is Awesome Tapes From Africa aka. Brian Shimkovitz responsible for the shit hot blog Awesome Tapes From Africa bringing you/me/everyone the most obscure African music recordings you could ever wish to find. He played a set at Flow Festival during the summer but I missed that, so I don't intend on missing this one. Playing in the small but wicked cool surroundings of Bar Kuka, this is going to get busy, so sort yourself out a spot/ticket/whatever. See you there!

Here's the facebook event if you need more info

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