Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Mickey Brown

I was like totes' gonna start a series of posts today about Finnish bands and tunes, but then I thought I'd save that idea for a bit later.

And instead of something Finnish I've opted for something completely er not Finnish in the form of a collaboration between LA's Mickey Mickey Rourke and Canadian Lester Brown, which forms Mickey Brown. (I know! Where did the name come from?)

Dems got a new single out titled Soul Glo and seeing as I've only now been informed of this via e-mail and Bandcamp's telling me that it was released back in march, I'm not sure what's happened to all the promotion.

Forget March 2010, this tune could easily have been from the mid-80's. I'll let you do the naming of which band Never Cry reminds you of. But like the man himself (MMR) says it is a fun old pop tune.

Listen to it yourself, let your hair down and don't be so 'effin serious all the time.

Oh yeah, I might start a video posting theme on here starting from now.

This is what I got when I typed in Amazing Aerobics.

Is it amazing? Is it even aerobics? is it just average aerobics?

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