Thursday, 28 October 2010

Having a serious Esben & The Witch moment

I think I'm a bit obsessed. Obsession often ends up with stalking and then someone getting horrificly mutilated/killed if we're to be believe what the likes of bolly/hollywood keeps telling us. I'm pretty adamant on not getting mutilated. At least not outside the bedroom. Eh Eh.


Esben & The Witch signed to Matador Records some time this year, making them the first UK band signed to Matador in about a million years. Using their new-fandangle record label the Brightonians have released the Marching Song single also featuring a couple of new tracks.

So that's on its way in the post. But as if that wasn't enough I also found myself pre-ordering their up 'n' coming debut LP Violet Cries. That should hit my postbox sometime in January.

You can download the new track Warpath from here

I guess I really do like this band.

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