Monday, 1 November 2010

Cymbals EP

Been listening to humploads of the new Cymbals EP. I feel like it's taken over me by some primeval force making me shake my hips totally out of sync with the rest of my body, whilst the cymbal-boys serenade me with their funky, ridiculously "hip" tunes. It's not even that danceable but I'm still going for it. They've even covered a Pavement song Kennel District, but as I've never consciously listened to Pavement [mainly because everyone tells me they're awesome (I will be the judge of that, thank you very much)] I'm going to go straight ahead and say that "yeah, this version is like sooo much better than the Pavement one.

Who knows, it might actually be. Doesn't matter.
Their own songs exude the kind of shit-hottery that I'd only expect to find at some kind of absurd excrement-heating plant. Make sense? This shit is hot.

found this "video" of the DRUGS remix of Good Luck. Drugs may or may not have been in Finland some time last year. Can't remember.

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