Friday, 7 May 2010

Phoenix remix Grizzly bear. I thought I would too.

Yesterday I read about those french electronic pop musicians Phoenix remixing a song of Grizzly Bear's. Not in your conventional style of remixing though where you just add a few bleeps here and there and watch those dancers shake their thangs like me after a light pear cider. No, the Frenchies did the double youtube clip being played simultaneously thing. But try it out it sounds superb.

Phoenix remix Grizzly Bear's Foreground

So good in fact that I thought I'd attempt my own remix(es). Obviously the backing track aka the Brian Eno Track should be an instrumental as to not fook with the voice of ED.

What you do is start one video and then at any time start the next one. Then adjust the volumes to sound good/inaudible

Here's my first one:
Going for a blind spanish composer Ed Droste here.


With this next one I wanted to capture the essence of an improvising bebop Ed Droste.

So press play on the Grizzly Bear video and start up this next one too. Shit it's like that time I walked into a hazy smoke-filled New York joint called The Wolf Shack back in the 40's and a band was playing, in the darkest corner of the room, a kind of rough sounding style of jazz I ain't never heard before.


My last remix is all about showing that Ed Droste and crew have a wild sort of Ibiza synth style going on too. Awesome, I could dance to this mix all night long.



  2. Haha yeah I saw that too. Awesomeness.

  3. eiku jätin koneen yleiseen tilaan niin se oli Heli. lohdutti ku en päässy. hah jatkuu jatkuu


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