Monday, 1 March 2010

Xiu Xiu and Casiotone

Wow yeah, WOW!
Holiday week. That's like so totally one whole week off school. A tidy bit of needed goodness! It feels like Father Christmas has been on heaps of reality-altering neurotoxins and forget where-the-hell and when-the-hell he's at and brought me my annual pressie(s) already. Mighty fine I'm telling ya.

I started off this joyous week by having an incredible english breakfast after which I went on to do my traditional "after pay day record shopping".

today was the day for Tv-Resistori's 'Serkut Rakastaa Paremmin' AND Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's 'Advance Base Battery Life'

This Casiotone record has been one that I've meant to get for ages and ages. Advance Base Battery Life is a compilation of Owen Ashworth's 7-inches and split-singles and really showcases the dudes talent of creating the wow! from the huh? Working with a drum machine and various synths, Owen has a habit of making very unique tunes that just open up more and more after multiple listens.

'ABBL' features 4 cover songs including 2 Bruce Springsteen tunes (Born in the USA, Streets of Philadelphia) Everyone's jumped on the "Boss cover song wagon" as Joensuu finished their set last wednesday with Brucies 'I'm on Fire'

Here's my two-band "Boss cover song" bandwagon


As covers go here's another quirky and good one, which I can say is rather relevant at the mo'

relevant how?
Xiu Xiu have according to this/themselves released album 'Dear God, I Hate Myself' to the entire world now today. Yes. My listening of Xiu Xiu hasn't gone beyond my copy of 'Women as Lovers' but hell if that isn't good enough to merit some hype even on here where it might be read by perhaps maybe my mum and some random person who was honestly interested in reading about "Andy's crazy trip to Chinatown where he ended up strapped to the back of a tuna fish swimming around Greenland in search of King Arthur's Excalibur" but ended up on some foolish blog with not even a single mention of Andy, Chinatown or Excalibur for that matter.

My posts are getting quite heavy on youtube embeddings but who cares? Here's the title track off of new album!

It's surprisingly pop-y but you know it's still got the extremity of noise and experimentation that were so abundant on Women as Lovers and what makes Xiu Xiu so unique. Perhaps not something you'd neccesarily dance to or play to your conservative family at your wedding but nevertheless I'm a fan.

Now Goodbye

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